Precision Farming

Raven Cruizer 2
Cruizer 2

 GPS system

  • Ideal first GPS system, entry level cost and fully upgradeable
  • Accurate guidance for all field work
  • Large 7" bright screen, superb 3D view
  • Provides A-B straight line and last pass 
  • Accurate field area measurements 
  • Quickly set-up and is transferable to another vehicle
  • Upgradeable to auto steer and boom shut off

Available for £1500 + VAT

  • J. Llewelin & Co have supplied and provide backup for in excess of 50 GPS units in the west Wales region
  • Spare fitting kits in stock, if required transfer it to another tractor
  • J. Llewellin & Co use Cruizer's on their own farm for :-
    • guidance for spraying, rolling, drilling, discing and other cultivation work
    • measuring field sizes
    • VRT in conjunction with the Bredal fertilser spreader for applying P & K at a variable rate
    • Auto steer on JCB 2140 for drilling